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Order Our Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches or

Customize Our Cool Treats for Your Next Event

VETTE:      Chocolate Chip-Macadamia Nut Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream
T-BIRD:      Espresso/Chocolate Shortbread with White Coffee Ice Cream
COBRA:     Dark Chocolate Cookie with Chocolate Ice Cream
XKE:           Salted Oatmeal
Cookie with Coconut Ice Cream

The cost of most catered events averages $7.00 per person.

Choose from Our Classic Wheels

Or Create Your Own Sandwiches

by customizing with new, special or seasonal ice cream flavors such

as Salted Caramel, Triple Berry or Mukilteo Espresso.


We have Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars, with Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, and Triple Berry also available.


We bake many more delicious cookies for ice cream sandwiches

in addition to our 4 classics, such as Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle.


In addition to our wonderful Chocolate Brownies we also bake Butterscotch and Chocolate Chunk.

We Make Fantastic Baked Goods!

Cupcakes in Red Velvet, Black Bottom

and Oatmeal Spice.

Romance and Pecan Pie Bars

Lemon-Lime Squares

Lava Cakes

Pumpkin Crunch

Mud Pies


...And More!

Please contact us to discuss customizing an unique menu for your event.

Pricing will depend upon the menu and size of the event.

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